JIMMY EAT WORLD new single online


Some say that JIMMY EAT WORLD are not rated as highly in the UK as they should be. Some people say that they are one of the best rock bands of all time, either way we all know one thing…. Both of these statements are more or less true!

JIMMY EAT WORLD have been around for a number of years and have always been that band that you love but are quiet enough to leave an impression on your mind whilst never getting sick of them, unlike other bands who you just out grow. It doesn’t matter who you talk to in a club whether it be a rock club or a club full of chart music. If you play one of JIMMY EAT WORLD’s hit songs then the whole dance floor will stay and sing along (proof, I am a bar supervisor in a trendy nightclub that plays chart music.. Once or twice a week they will play ‘The Middle’ by JIMMY EAT WORLD and everyone dances and sings.)

Swiftly moving on…

The news of JIMMY EAT WORLD releasing their new album ‘DAMAGE’ is available to pre order now but will not be on general release until June 11th. The first single to come out of this album is ‘I WILL STEAL YOU BACK’. This song will be available digitally next week, however, the band have been kind enough to post the song on their website for people to listen to.

To listen to ‘I WILL STEAL YOU BACK’ follow the link HERE!!!

Finally, a little bit of exiting news coming to all in the UK as well as the rest of the world. JIMMY EAT WORLD are set to announce a WORLD tour following the release of this album, keep your eyes pealed!

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