ELYSIUM debut EP launched!


UK Riff Tyrants arrive with an explosive debut EP ‘In Valour’, out
nationwide from Monday 13th May.

Pulling from a host of areas from the dynamism of Lower Than Atlantis, to
the melodic onslaught of A Day To Remember and Four Year Strong, through to
the power and drive of Architects, Elysium have sculptured a sound that
twists and turns, but is hugely satisfying and will undoubtedly captivate
its audience.

Spawned from the ashes of their previous band ‘Times Like These’, Elysium
are a brand new band with their own manifesto and they are intent on sharing
it with the nation. Formed during the later part of 2012 and hailing from
Watford (the birthplace for recent luminaries The Gallows and Lower Than
Atlantis), Elysium have been burrowed away in their practise room for the
past three months penning a brand new live set and working on their debut

Now armed with their debut record ‘In Valour’, which is released this May,
the band will surely take gargantuan steps forward. From the get-go, the
EP’s title track ‘In Valour’ soon rips itself through your ear drums
boasting a flowing collection of strapping riffs and vocal lines that
cunningly weave in and around your cranium. Before you know it ‘I’m A Thief
But I Keep What I Steal’ is upon you and is snapping at your heels for
attention, and you should duly oblige, as this venom laced cut is a
blistering piece of modern angst punk tinged post-hardcore. Next up, ‘Scars’
takes flight with its scatter gun riffage and soaring melodies, while ‘Boy’
closes the record with a potent slab of gritty rockcore that tugs at your
heart strings while beating your head into submission. Buy the record this
May and look out for the band on tour throughout the remainder of the year!

www.facebook.com/elysiumbanduk | www.twiter.com/elysiumbanduk |


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