GIL DE RAY album review!

The Following review was done by my good friend Chris Kelman.


“Gil De Ray – ‘Infect the Culture’
Purposely releasing a pay as you please record on the same day Margaret Thatcher passed away should be perceived as deliberate and riddled with left-wing intent. Throw in titles such as ‘Catholic Boy’ and ‘Kill the Rich’, then you quickly get the point Gil De Ray is attempting to make here. Thankfully Infect the Culture leaves patronizing statements at a minimum and instead soaks itself with delicious grooves and party induced lo-fi saccharine rhythms.
The scuzzy and detuned guitars mixed with the insipidly rasping melodies on ‘Sick Living’ would sit right at home on a Japandroids or Wavves record. With that, perhaps we have the only thing that detracts from this record. A lack of originality and consistency, ‘Amphetamine Psycho’ for instance should have been left in the cutting room. Thankfully these small flaws are overcome by a youthful enthusiasm and contagion which will be the key to unlocking Gil Del Ray’s potential and promise on future releases.”
To listen to Gil’s music then visit his Tumblr site HERE!

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