THE LAZLO DEVICE: ‘Uncertain Beginnings’ / ‘Cora.’

THE LAZLO DEVICE - 200 - June 2012The group of friends that would eventually morph into the London band known as THE LAZLO DEVICE set out on their voyage of musical discovery back in the summer of 2010. Their course has altered slightly during that time, as have the crew, but they’ve now set a steady course that should see them leave visual traces on the radar of those that seek music with a bit of depth.

They have of course built a considerable following from playing around some of London’s established venues these past couple of years and just over a year ago they released their debut ‘Step Forward’ EP, which saw THE LAZLO DEVICE hone their sound and move in a slightly different direction with added  synths and backing vocals. This in turn saw the lads garner further critical acclaim and with a fresh bunch of songs almost ready to be aired, the band have decided to issue two of the tracks from that earlier recording as a double-a-sided single.

The aptly named ‘Uncertain Beginnings,’ starts out in a very classical mode. The slow and rather downbeat piano is joined by hushed and slightly depressed sounding vocals for the first minute and a half, and despite the warm, gentle harmonies I was wondering where this was headed. The answer comes in the remaining two and half minutes where the pace perks up and the song develops into something altogether more dramatic. In fact, there are two further ‘movements’ to ‘Uncertain Beginnings‘: that initial change in beat gives the song a sort of deliberate and plodding feel for a minute or so before the piano arpeggios become more frantic, the music louder and the whole piece blossoms into a full-on final flourish that skirts the boundaries of  gypsy-punk.

Cora,’ couldn’t be much more different! 

I’m very much into my psych music and marvel at the various interpretations that bands come up with for this particular genre. You have some that present a dry, sun-drenched, stoner-type of desert rock; some teeter towards space-rock in their presentation. Others take on an altogether more trippy, psychedelic feel. THE LAZLO DEVICE seem to lean more towards the latter … but there’s something quintessentially English / British that’s difficult to explain about their delivery. The  guitar effects are used to (um) good effect in supplementing the synths and the steady bass line and added reverb give the song great depth and atmosphere. The quieter vocals provide an interesting juxtaposition to the crashing sound of the instruments and this, without doubt is my personal favourite of the two tracks on offer here. 

In fact, I’d say I would like to hear the band develop their sound around this particular style. Good stuff indeed!

As mentioned, both these tracks featured on last year’s EP release, but if you missed out on that, you can get hold of them both (again!) on THE LAZLO DEVICE’s debut album (as yet unnamed) which is due for release this summer.

(8.5 / 10)





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