CAMERA: ‘Systeme Solaire.’

CAMERA - Systeme SolaireOnly one copy left!

Krautrock exponents CAMERA have gained a reputation for their ‘guerrilla’ / ‘pop-up’ gigs around their home city of Berlin these past couple of years. Now though, with the release of their debut album ‘Radiate, the word is spreading!

Neither of the tracks on this Limited Ediition 12″ EP (on white vinyl with only 700 made available worldwide and no longer available direct from the label) are included on the album, so it’s a bit of an ”exclusive’ and one for the collection!

Click over to LOUD HORIZON RECORDS for more details.

And just to whet the appetite, here’s a video of the band playing an in-store show – and although these are not the tracks on the EP, this is the type of sounds these guys so excellently knock out  ……

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