Introducing: JIYEON KIM

JIYEON KIM - 200Jiyeon Kim started her career as a media art project producer,before moving into the soundmaker/musician field. She mainly uses field recordings with sounds made with handmade analogue sound devices and acoustic objects as her source.

Currently she experiments on resonating different materials in various methods with diy microphones, amplifiers and analogue oscillators, which leads her to develop unconventional ways of field recording.

For instance, here’s a thought-inspiring track called ‘Drops,’ about which she explains:

It’s a mixture of raindrops falling on different materials. I played with wine glass, metal door, stainless clothes dryer, light metal frame, classic guitar… i spent six hours of listening/recording to the drops and it never made me bored….. it was a simply amazing listening experience.I wish I could do something similar with wind. all done with contact mic at a small yard by my house. …later mixed with sampled recordings from a resonant wine glass. I really enjoyed playing a wine glass….. I loved its pure sine wave tone.”

Of a more ‘industrial’ nature is ‘Under The Bridge.’

“I recorded this just for myself under the bridge near a river in Seoul. As sound sources, I used…contact mics, amplifiers, loudspeakers, a (distorted) square oscillator, passing subways, and a metal column which is attached to a leg of railroad bridge. Basically I made out noise/resonated feedback sound with this setting. I loved this hidden outdoor performance. Few people passed by me but they would’ve never thought that I was actually playing things so seriously!”

And while we’re on it, here’s the more haunting sound of ‘While You’re Playing.

(Jiyeon Kim plays at London’s Cafe Oto on Friday 8th November.)

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