HRH: BLUES …. my kind of Festival!

HRH BLUES 2014 - PosterI know I’m getting soft in my old age, but mud-swamped music Festivals in some god-forsaken field in the middle of what we here in UK like to call ‘Summer’ have never appealed to me. Far better,as I experienced a few years back, is Rebellion – a weekend of old-school punk and Oi! – held in the warm and dry environs of Blackpool’s Winter Gardens.

So, news of the genre-specific HRH Festivals is always of interest, as these are held at Hafan in North Wales so there’s accommodation on site and as the shows are all under cover, I believe.

There are several ‘HRH’ (which I presume stems from the original ‘Hard Rock Hell’ Rock festivals) events nowadays – HRH AOR; HRH Prog, Hammerfest  and my favourite, HRH BLUES.

Several of my personal favourites are playing the two-dayer next March (21st & 22nd) including Dr Feelgood, and Gerry McAvoy’s Band of Friends. Of course everyone knows the former, but the latter features Gerry himself who was bass player for my ultimate Rock Idol, Rory Gallagher. He’s joined in the trio by Ted McKenna, who also played with Rory (on drums) as well as one of my other big heroes, Alex Harvey. Guitarist Marcel Scherpenzeel completes the line-up and is in the opinion of Gerry McAvoy, ‘the closest guitarist to Rory you will ever hear.’ Unsurprisingly, they revive many of the great man’s classics in their set!

And here’s a recent addition to the line-up – The Graveltones. I’d not heard of them before, but since forming in 2011, the Aussie duo have garnered great reviews for their ‘heavy blues’  music and I’m sure they’rs going to be around for a long time to come.

You can get al the latest news on the HRH: BLUES festival from the website, here.

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