TERMINAL GODS: ‘The Wheels Of Love.’

TERMINAL GODS - 200 - logo - November 2013London based TERMINAL GODS are set to release their new 12″ EP, ‘Machine Beat Messiah‘ this coming Thursday in a headline show at the city’s (Highbury & Islington) The Garage venue.

It was about eighteen months ago when LOUD HORIZON reported on the band’s debut release, ‘Electric Eyes’ and then the subsequent ‘Lessons In Fire,’ and it’s interesting to see how they have progressed in the intervening time. There is still a definite Eighties retro-electro type sound going on here, but it has less of a goth / industrial feel and more of a frantic, kick-ass rocking refrain. More my type of noise, I have to say.

If this is a typical reflection of their new material, then I’d suggest a TERMINAL GODS live show would be an evening well spent.

Yeah — definitely the best I’ve heard from these guys.

(Once again, the video has been shot by Andy Oxley of Screen 3 Productions.)

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