THE MEMBRANES: ‘A Murmuration of Starlings on Blackpool Pier.’

OK – I’ve got to ‘fess up – for someone so into their music, especially any that is remotely ‘punk’ related, I am ashamed to say I know very little of The Membranes’ work. Perhaps this is due to a twenty-six year hiatus before the release in 2015 of their acclaimed ‘Dark Matter / Dark Energy‘ album.

No – that’s a feeble excuse, I know. However, in my slight defense, I am a fan of bass player John Robb, his releases with Goldblade (who I have seen play, honest) and his work as TV and Radio’s ‘go to’ guy for all comment on punk music in general.

And of course for his part in one of my favourite Christmas songs, ‘City of Christmas Ghosts,‘ released with the wonderful Poly Styrene.

Well, anyway – building on their continued success these past four years, The Membranes release a new album, ‘What Nature Gives … Nature Takes Away,’ on June 7th.

The advance release ‘A Murmuration of Starlings on Blackpool Pier,’ certainly bears out the billing of the album being ‘a dark and brooding double album of psychedelic post-punk soundscapes.’

Writing the LOUD HORIZON blog these past thirteen years, on and off, has opened up to me, so many more exciting and interesting musical options.

On this evidence, I know I will now be spending some considerable time checking out The Membranes’ back catalogue.

Oh – and, “sorry John!”

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