THEATRE ROYAL: ‘Singles 2010-18)

I can’t believe it’s been nine years since LOUD HORIZON first featured Medway band, Theatre Royal. At that point, I think they had only produced a couple of rough demos. But even at very embryonic stage, it was very obvious that here was a quality band in the making.

A few months later, October 2010, and I wrote about the band in the New Blood section of Artrocker magazine.

Many, probably most, of the bands featured in both LOUD HORIZON and Artrocker from that time, are no longer together. And yet here we are, not only are Theatre Royal still producing such wonderful, hook laden and well-crafted songs, but they are receiving national airplay on BBC Radio 6 Music. most recently on Steve Lamaq and Gideon Coe’s shows. John Kennedy on RadioX is also a confirmed supporter of the band.

The latest release is this twenty-two track compilation CD of ‘singles’ or simply tracks released that might attract the attention of radio play-listers. Many did just that, with stations in not only UK but also the likes of New York picking up on some.

In what may be deemed an act of mild self-indulgence we thought it was time for us to release a compilation of all our singles (double-A-sides included) before they are too great in number to fit on one CD,” says main vocalist, Oliver Burgess.

With their obvious longevity and propensity for knocking out some killer tunes, you wouldn’t bank against the production of a ‘Volume 2’ in the coming years.

I for one, would be up for that.

(The compilation is available now on CD and download via Bandcamp in addition to Spotify, Amazon and Apple Music.)

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