SERA: ‘Rabbit Hole.’

SERA is a singer-songwriter from Caernarfon in North Wales. She writes and performs in both Welsh and English and has been garnering great feedback and support from the likes of BBC Radio Wales/ Radio Cymru, S4C and Focus Wales.

However, it’s not just Welsh radio and the local Festival scene that have picked up on SERA‘s music. National airplay has followed from Radio 6 Music and Radio 2 (Chris Hawkins and Claire Balding) both of whom appreciate a good ‘crossover’ artist when they hear one.

‘Rabbit Hole’ is a journey through an addictive relationship, leading through naivety and self destruction to escape. It stays true to SERA‘s Americana / folk style but takes on some bold new ideas.The chorus explodes into ‘Come with me to incredible things, where the oysters march from the sea,’ inviting the listener into a world of the fantastic.

SERA‘s new songs will continue to follow in this theme of the mythic-surreal rooted in very real experiences.

Bands like First Aid Kit, are bringing this type of music to a wider audience, and I have to say, that with my admittedly restricted knowledge, I can hear similar type harmonies within this track. I like, too how it builds into a bit of a rocky frenzy towards the end.

As regular readers of LOUD HORIZON will know, I’m certainly no expert when it comes to Americana / Folk. In fact, I often joke (?!) that I don’t ‘do’ Folk music.

But it’s artists like SERA who are slowly but surely convincing me to get over myself!

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