the black watch: ‘Mad.’

With all the music that’s sent here to LOUD HORIZON HQ, there generally has to be something unique about a track that’s going to attract my attention and prompt me to write a few words about it.

But in this case, it was a familiarity that drew me to this song, the lead single from the forthcoming new album from Los Angeles based band, the black watch.

Vocals aside, the backing reminds me so much of a track released by one of my lads’ bands back in 2011.

I loved the sound then – and I love it all over again with this single, ‘Mad.

Prior to reading the PR blurb, I always listen to a band’s music so my opinion is not influenced in any way. On this occasion, the words ‘joyous,’ ‘jangling guitars,’ and ‘reverb’ sprang to mind.

Then lo! Two of these words are indeed mentioned in the PR material. I doubt I’ll many arguments over their use.

As the review blogger, I feel it’s incumbent upon me to make some sort of lame and lazy comparison to other bands. I could just copy those mentioned in the PR, but I disagree. Taken in isolation at least, I’d suggest ‘Mad‘ could easily be the bastard creation of an illicit relationship between Teenage Fanclub and Real Estate.

I’m sure you’ll tell me if I’m wrong.

Magic Johnson‘ from which this track is lifted, is the band’s seventeenth album release and due for an 8th August release here in the UK. The taster, ‘Mad’ however, is available from 21st June.

Makes you wanna go check out that extensive back catalogue while you’re waiting, right?

(Oh yeah. My son’s band? Silver Caves. Still on Bandcamp somewhere. Track #4)

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