Helpful Hint #1 for any budding music scribe: “where does your name come from?” is not a particularly good opening gambit when interviewing a band. In fact, it’s probably best avoid the question altogether. So I’m just going to dive straight in.

The name of this five -piece band from Burnley is actually a bit of a dichotomy, because nothing goes fast in Goa. OK – the scooters and cars do, but definitely not the trains.

Of course, ‘Express’ could refer to a newspaper, but that would put a real kybosh on my planned introduction to ‘The Day,’ the latest single release from The Goa Express.

Now based in Manchester where the lads are studying at Uni, Goa Express have honed their music and style over a number of years. And since moving to the ‘big city’ their development has benefited with support slots for the likes of Cabbage, Yak and The Orielles. They have also played with one of my favourite psyche bands, Moon Duo.

I absolutely love this track. It’s one of those instant songs. No build up, no faffing about – it’s in your face immediately. The vocals sound real snotty, with a ‘couldn’t give a tu’penny f***’ attitude to them; like a sleep deprived and caffeine overdosed Bob Dylan. Whirling Inspiral Carpets type organ, shrieking guitar and crashing cymbals prop up the song, which jumps out the speakers, shouts at you, then runs away. Just like that. Two minutes and fourteen seconds.

It’s a glorious hark back to the early days of punk. We need more of this.

(These lads have just taken over the mantle of my ‘new favourite band,’ from The Naked Party.)

Here’s a wee bonus to this post – a track from the 2018 EP ‘Use Your Brain.’

(‘The Day’ is released on Friday July 5th.)

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