THE VAGARY: ‘Outta Sight, Outta Mind.’

VAGARY definition: An unpredictable development or change of circumstances.

That would seem just about right for the Amsterdam band, who after attracting a degree of attention, success and prime support slots with the likes of Pete Doherty and Kurt Vile, drifted into a prolonged hibernation.

Now, almost five years later, The Vagary are back with their second album due for a summer release and the lead single, ‘Outta Sight, Outta Mind,’ available now.

There had been no plans made for the band to get back together any time soon, but as guitar player Julien explains:

“When our friends of St. Tropez asked us to record in their studio, we hadn’t played in a while, and to be honest, we didn’t see it happen any time soon. We were all working on different projects. Luckily, Thijs (vocals, guitar), had some ideas laying around. When we were working these out and rehearsing them for the recording session, we realized how much we had missed playing together. Just the four of us; grabbing our instruments and just play. With Outta Sight, Outta Mind, and the other new material, we want to express that feeling of being a tightknit band, playing their heart out.”

The single, and presumably therefore also the album, exhibits a bit of change in direction for the band. Their earlier work was very much synthesizer lead, whereas the new material seems to be more organic, with the focus simply on guitar, bass and drums.

Outta Sight, Outta Mind,’ also reflects the more soulful sounds they were listening to when the decision was taken to get back into the recording studio. It’s like a blues infused Average White Band tune to me, though I have to say the chorus reminds me very much of Gallagher & Lyle’s ‘Heart On My Sleeve.

Sorry, I hate to make comparisons, but we all do it. Though that’s two pretty decent acts to be measured with.
(And both were Scottish!)

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