GIANT: ‘Catalyst.’

This is the second track released by the UK collaborative, Giant. Featuring the rapid-fire vocal delivery of rapper 24Vision and the multifaceted electronic / trip-hop band Archive, this is a five minutes long, bitter tirade, about the current state the UK finds itself in.

Five minutes? Yeah – when I saw the track length, I did wonder. But it absolutely races along at a breathless pace.

There’s something about UK rap that in general, and in my humble opinion, sets it apart from other counties’ interpretation of the genre. Perhaps it’s because I can identify with the accent? Maybe because it’s sharper, more spikey, than that from across the water? Perhaps I’m being unkind – my knowledge of hip hop and rap is limited, after all.

But ‘Catalyst,’ stands out immediately because of the image it creates. Although 24Vision is venting in the present, the sound is of the future. Of a grey, black and white future in a dystopian, soulless society controlled by guns (check the snare drum) and robots.

There is a video, shot by David Levine, due for imminent release, and it will be interesting to see how it portrays this track. (I’m probably miles out!)

Whatever – the combination of a young rapper with a long-established (twenty-five years) band of Archive’s standing, confirms that UK rap is still well ahead of the game when it comes to inventiveness and development of the sound.

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