Introducing Roy Buchanan: The World’s Greatest Unknown Guitarist

I have taken the easy option here, because I know I couldn’t do any better! This post is reproduced with the kind permission of JIM S who runs the excellent MUSIC ENTHUSIAST blog / site.

I can’t say definitively how I came across the music of ROY BUCHANAN, but it would likely have been encouraged t explore more Blues material by the recordings of my ultimate musical hero, RORY GALLAGHER. Or perhaps it was the late night radio shows of JOHN PEEL.

Either way, my enthusiasm for the blues and ROY’S distinctive guitar playing style st me aside from my school pals who were all into the ‘accepted norm’ bands of the time like YES, DEEP PURPLE and PINK FLOYD.

This post by the MUSIC ENTHUSIAST is a really succinct piece on yet another tragic blues player taken from us to early. (I’d say ‘star’ but Roy was not the kind to go for that terminology).

(Thanks JIM S.)

I’ve added this to MUSIC ENTHUSIAST’S original post,, simply because it’s my favourite. Just check out the guitar solo from about 3 minutes, forty seconds in!

Music Enthusiast - At the intersection of rock, blues, R&B, jazz, pop,and soul

“Probably the most original country style rock and roll guitar player. Has the nicest tone, the most amazing chops technically – superfast. And much neglected.” – Jerry Garcia on Roy Buchanan.

“We never heard anything quite like what Roy was doing. He interested the hell out of me. He’s not playing an arpeggio the way you learn an arpeggio. If you had studied the instrument you played straight on, the chromatic scale you’re taught in school (sic). This guy was anything but conventional – he was just out there. He was unrestricted, as far as what he played. If he felt like getting from here to there, it didn’t matter how he got there. If he didn’t pick it, he plucked it with his fingers. There were no rules with Roy. He was cruising down his own lane.” – Les Paul on Roy Buchanan

“I found something at church I…

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