ABEL RAISE THE CAIN: ‘History Scenes.’

Abel Raise The Cain are a five-piece band from Teeside in the North East of England.

Since forming around seven years ago, they have built a fiercely loyal fanbase in their own neck of the woods and I see from their Soundcloud page, they have been given airplay by Radio 6 Music’s Steve Lamaq.

I don’t know if they have any plans for world domination, but if they have designs on breaking out of their locale, then their latest single, ‘History Scenes,’ may just be the track to help them on their way.

The band themselves describe their music as being ‘epic / indie / orchestral / experimental / rock’ and they have piled all of these influences into this song. Well, maybe not so much of the ‘experimental,’ but everything else.

In recent years we have seen / listened to bands such as Elbow and Coldplay amongst others, have success with slow-burning tracks that build and build into a grandiose crescendo. ‘History Scenes,’ is of that ilk.

But rather than sounding anything like the two afore-mentioned bands, I hear this epic, swaying soundscape as more in the mould of very early James (‘Stripmine‘ album era) with the huge, anthemic choruses of Snow Patrol.

Yeah – that’ll just about do it. Nice job, lads – now spread those wings and fly!

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