It seems a long way off, September 27th … it IS a long way off, but what’s the saying …? All good things come to those who wait? Yeah, that’s it.

It may be over three months until it’s release, but the new Whiskey Myers album is sure to fall into the ‘good thing,’ category, if lead track (and ‘Instant Grat Track’ for those who pre-order) is anything to go by.
Die Rockinreally sums up this rock ‘n’ roll life of ours,” explains the song’s co-writer and band frontman Cody Cannon.

The album itself, fourteen songs spanning fifty-six minutes, is as broad in style and genre as the band have become renowned for over these past twelve years, with inspiration coming as much from likes of Nirvana as from Waylon Jennings. There are also nods to Gospel music, evidence of which can be heard in the backing on ‘Die Rockin’.’

(No video available at the moment – audio stream only.)

I love this straight-up, no frills, unpretentious rock! We just don’t get enough of it here in the UK. Country Rock / Southern Rock – whatever you want to call it, is not outdated as some on this side of the Atlantic would have you believe. Would Whiskey Myers have played the main Stage at the 2018 Download Festival if it were?

And of course, in America, their star continues to rise. Next week (June 25th) for instance, they only open for The Rolling Stones at Soldier Field,, Chicago. Not many bands are afforded that honour these days.
(I notice there is a track on the new album called ‘Rolling Stone.’ Flattery obviously gets you everywhere with Mick and Keith!)

This is the Whiskey Myers’ fifth studio album, so I was a tad surprised to note the eponymous title – I would hazard this is done more on the debut offering from bands. But lead guitarist John Jeffers explains:
“This was the first album we’ve produced on our own and it’s 100% authentically us, which is why we decided to self-title it WHISKEY MYERS. We’ve been fortunate in our careers to work with some incredible producers, but self-producing gave us the freedom to try out every crazy idea in the studio, which got us to this place where we are completely satisfied with the end result and more excited than ever to get this new music out to our fans.”

The following track, ‘Bitch,’ also appears on the forthcoming release. I doubt this video is an’official’ one and the sound quality perhaps won’t do proper justice, but you do get a sense of the power and energy of the song. (If the band / representatives would prefer it be removed from this post, I’m happy to do so.)

It’s obvious committed fans of the band are going to love this album, but I’m sure Whiskey Myers are going to add to their increasing fan base on the back of this. They are certainly a band I’d now go see if they hit my town.
“Hellllooo Paisley! We’re so glad to see you here tonight!….”

Nah – it’s not gonna happen, is it?!

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