RAWKAHOLIC VOLUME 1 is a digital Rock & Metal Sampler with exclusive and unreleased tracks, featuring NWoBMH legends VARDISRYAN ROXIE (Alice Cooper guitarist)  SYTERIA (featuring Jackie Chambers of Girlschool in their ranks) KRASHKARMA  (feat. WIZO bassist Ralf Dietel) , AIRFORCE (feat. Paul Dianno) and 11 more bands from UK, USA, Canada, Denmark

The album will be released on July 5, 2019 via ROCK’N’GROWL RECORDS.

Here’s the full track listing … and since all are exclusive and previously unreleased, a few random songs from some of the featured bands have been added below.
This is gonna kick serious ass!

Full track listing:

1. SyteriaReflection (exclusive & unreleased)
2. Airforce Sniper [feat. Paul Dianno], (exclusive & unreleased)
3. Desolation Angels Fury [Live], (exclusive & unreleased)
4. Blackmayne Legions (unreleased)
5. Daxx & RoxaneState Outta Myself (exclusive & unreleased)
6. Ryan RoxieNevermind (unreleased)
7. DSP David ‘Scary’ PerryCombinations (exclusive & unreleased)
8. PhonomikVicious Circle (exclusive & unreleased)
9. PlayhouseOn Fire (exclusive & unreleased)
10. VardisMove Along [Raw & Live in London], (exclusive & unreleased)
11. Blue Ruin Scream Queen (exclusive & unreleased)
12. Love and a .38Live is a Cage, Honey (exclusive & unreleased)
13. KrashKarmaWalking On The Sun (exclusive & unreleased)
14. Rat Bastard SyndicateBlack Looking Glass (exclusive & unreleased)
15. Matt Keen Everything Else (exclusive & unreleased)

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