ELSON: ‘Closer to.’

(James) Elson, is a Leeds based, Merseyside born, singer / songwriter, who first came to prominence as one half of ENGINE, a band that started out as a psychedelic rock outfit but eventually morphed into an electronic production duo.

It was the release of a well received EP, ‘Cucumber Water,’ that brought ENGINE to the attention of Leeds’ promoters Odd Job and they were so impressed they moved quickly to get the band onto the line-up of one their gigs. The relationship was maintained, plans to work together were knocked about and it was Odd Job who subsequently gave Elson his first solo gig in November, a support slot in a sellout event featuring another act hailing from Merseyside, The Tea Street Band. The next step was to collaborate on the release of some of the songs James has been working on as a side project over the last few years.

Closer To,’ is the result. This is Elson’s third release, one that began life with Engine. The psychedelic elements are still there and from a gentle, electro opening, the song quickly develops into a classy psyche-pop wig-out. The keyboards and syth dance away in the background, while the buzzing , frantic guitar sounds contrast with James’s more laid back vocal style.

Radio 6 Music’s Gideon Coe recently gave Elson a spin, and in early May, James also played a set at his home city’s prestigious Liverpool Sound City Festival.

As Harry Nilsson, (one of the artists James draws inspiration from) once said: ‘Let The Good times Roll.”

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