OH HIROSHIMA: ‘Oscillation.’

Oh Hiroshima are a Swedish post-rock band of considerable pedigree and loyal following.

Initially operating as a two-piece, out of Kristinehamn back in 2007, they doubled their numbers four years later in order to become a fully fledged, functioning live act.

It’s now four years since Oh Hiroshima’s sophomore album, ‘In Silence We Yearn,‘ but they’ve not been sat on their thumbs! Much of that time has been spent writing, experimenting and honing the seven tracks that are to make up their third album, ‘Oscillation,’ which will be released through Napalm Records on 26th July.

Their music in some ways reminds me of Mogwai, with their producing loud, sweeping soundscapes that I’m sure evoke different images to different listeners. In that respect, their music is very ‘personal.’

The two following tracks from the forthcoming album have been released as ‘tasters,’ and ‘Oscillation’ can be pre-ordered through both the Oh Hiroshima Bandcamp page and Napalm Records – where I see they have some pretty sexy, gold coloured, double vinyl limited editions available!

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