Don’t be misled by the angelic, Westlife look; don’t be misled by the theme of their new single, ‘Sigh‘ –

a story about the shortcomings of online dating, how you can go from the absolute euphoria of making a connection with someone new, to worrying that you’re not enough, to pretending
to be exactly what you think they might want, and how that can spiral into a bout of crippling self-doubt.”

No – forget all that – I doubt you’ll come across a more assured and aggressive -sounding band in a good while.

I Cried Wolf are about as far removed from the carefully staged and choreographed image portrayed in their recent press photo / video as you could imagine. A post-hardcore band? See – never judge a book by its cover and all that.

(I recall the magnificent Adequate Seven taking on this image for their final album / tour many years ago. It must be a ‘thing.’)

This, though is more brutal, more primordial than the Ad7 lads, but equally magnificent. I Cried Wolf have energy to burn and having extensively toured the UK for the five years since their inception, the Oxfordshire quintet have built an (increasing) loyal fanbase.

In fact, they have just added one to that number in the time it’s taken to write this short piece.

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