WILMETTE: ‘Anxious Body.’

Well – that’s a relief! There I was, sweating over what suburban Chicago band Wilmette would think if I mentioned they sounded like a band born too late – and I then read on their Facebook biography that ‘ … they aim to bring back the 2010-esque angstiness and raw energy that made pop-punk what it is today.’

And that is indeed what they do with their ‘Anxious Body‘ EP, the band’s first release since signing a deal with the iconic Mutant League Records.

There’s something warm and reassuring about re-visiting the past. Not everything has to be ‘new’ or ‘experimental’ to be cool. Good tunes, well delivered with confidence and the right amount of attitude, does it for me.

The five tracks on Wilmette’sAnxious Body‘ EP blend power pop-punk chunky riffs, with screamo type shouts and irregular time signatures. There are also little snippets of pained emo vocals – and all along, they remain melodic and not too brash.

Sort of like the crazy, mixed-up progeny of a Four Year Strong and Neck Deep liaison.

Just as importantly too, I think, is that the band’s sense of humour and fun comes through in the video below. Yes – it’s all in there, folks.

And it works brilliantly!

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