VITNE: ‘Encephalon.’

Vitne has been making music of the melodic rock / symphonic kind since 2013.

Incorporating influences such as 80s Glam, Power Metal and Japanese visual kei, his music appeals to to audiences across the planet and has been used as soundtrack to video games.

Vitne (which in his native language means ‘witness’) comes from Norway, a country better known perhaps, certainly in this household, for its Black Metal offerings. ‘Encephalon‘ couldn’t be further removed!

He’s been described as a cross between Billy Idol and X Japan, and this is understandable from listening to this single release, his first since last years ‘Vanquish the Night,

Catchy, fuzzy guitar riffs and sing-a-long choruses are the order of the day here, added to a vocal style that ranges from deep, dark, gothic to melodic and melodramatic. And of course, there’s the compulsory searing guitar solo around the mid-point.

Well – it would be rude not to, wouldn’t it?

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