I’m sad to say, that reluctantly, I’m going to have to take a wee step back from LOUD HORIZON. I know – again!

When I resurrected the blog after a three year hiatus, I allowed myself a two month period in which to assess the work involved versus the number of daily hits / visitors it was achieving.

While the numbers have been encouraging, though not at the levels of when the site was initially launched in 2006, the amount of work and dedication required has proved to be a bit too onerous.

I’m in the middle of writing my second book – but haven’t even looked at it these past two months; the baseball season is at the half-way point and I’ve seen very little; our football season is about to start – an added distraction, etc, etc, etc.

The site WILL stay open, with occasional posts being added, but probably of a more personal nature – relating to music I’ve bought or that has piqued my interest Some PR Coys and bands have volunteered to keep me in the loop and on their lists, but this is on the understanding that I AM NO LONGER ABLE TO ACCEPT SUBMISSIONS WITH A VIEW TO REVIEWING / COMMENTING OR FEATURING .

Some day, whenever I can afford to retire from my proper business, I WILL return. Because I love listening to fresh new music, discovering different styles and checking out new,’undiscovered’ bands and artists.

So – many thanks to all those bands / artists / PR Coys and readers who have checked out LOUD HORIZON these past two ‘trial’ months. I really appreciate your interest and kind comments.

And so, that’s it …. see ya!

Cheers ‘n’ Beers

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