Who remembers these?

I stumbled across these two editions of Disco 45 when searching the loft for old school photos. They date from March and April 1971, so I’d have been just twelve years old when I bought them.

This would have been around the time of my musical awakening, graduating from the Military Bands and Stage Musical LPs of my parents, to my own rebellious choice of, erm, John Kongos.

From the age of around six or seven, I had been an avid reader of comics such as Beano; Dandy; Beezer; TV-21; Victor, Hotspur etc.. Disco 45, though, was the first ‘grown up’ magazine I bought.

Boy, I felt so cool, man.

Disco 45 ran from November 1970 until July 1983, producing a total of 153 issues, including some ‘Specials’ featuring the likes of T. Rex and David Cassidy.

In the main, it featured the lyrics of the hits at the time, though why it felt the readership required help in memorizing the words to Argent’sHold Your Head Up,’ I’m not quite sure ( see opposite.)

*** It puzzled me greatly that this song should figure in a magazine issued in April 1971, when it was not a hit until the following year (March.) It appeared on the band’s third album ‘All Together Now,’ which only came out in 1972.

The world right now is trying to address a climate emergency; the coronavirus is spreading across the planet and every country seems to have a Dad bigger than the next one.

But being a real saddo, the question of Argent’s appearance in a 1971 edition of Disco 45 troubled me more. So I dug around, and found that the band had indeed released an early (non hit) version of the song in 1971.

Want the details? Released on the Epic label (EPC 9135) the three track, 33rpm picture sleeved EP also featured the songs, ‘Closer To Heaven’ and ‘Keep On Rollin’.’ ***

The magazine’s production was an innovative concept at the time. It would be easy to say it reflected such an innocent time in all our lives, and the idea of taking out a ‘small ad,’ seeking to exchange pictures of Roxy Music for Marc Bolan, or David Cassidy for Donny Osmond is quite endearing.

But knowing what we do now, you would have to question the notion of thirteen year old girls seeking boy penpals in the 13 to 15 age bracket (‘must be good looking’) and giving their full names and addresses for replies!

Wouldn’t happen nowadays.

Still, I’m sure I’m not the only person who looks back on these magazines with great fondness and regards them as a step towards adulthood. Or stroppy teenager, at least.

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