I know – the title of the video above may give the impression that the former Nazareth and short-lived Zal Band guitarist is no longer with us…. but he very much is!

Rock fans in particular, and music fans in general, will be excited to see that the former host of 96.3 Rock Radio’s breakfast show has finally gotten around to creating (with a great deal of help) his own website.

Billy – back right.

And what a great read it is. None of your arty-farty, Billy Big Bollocks stuff here.
The content is really well written, in a self deprecating, chatty and humorous fashion and takes readers through Billy’s extraordinary journey (God, I hate that expression) from his time with schoolboy band, Phase .
And unlike so much on the internet these days, readers are encouraged to freely download and copy the content.

There’s plenty of music to download, but even if it’s not what would make your personal playlist, the story of how a young kid from Kirkintilloch makes good in the world of Rock is particularly interesting.

Definitely worth checking out.

Billy’s solo single made #52 in the U.S. Billboard 100 in 1984.

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