Choi Se Eun (bass) and Jeong Yea Wong (guitar) are Rumkicks. They are a two piece punk band from Seoul, in the Republic of Korea, although I believe there are plans for them to be joined by a permanent drummer soon.

(Choi Se Eun)
(Jeong Yea Wong)

They formed in September 2018, and after releasing two singles in the following year, they had great plans and hopes for 2020. Didn’t we all?!
The surging pandemic put paid to that and the band were forced to remain at home instead of accepting the invitation to play at the Chonging Punk Festival in China. It had also been hoped to play a few dates around Beijing.

This year though, has seen a gradual relaxation of restrictions with life slowly beginning to return to some sort of normality and Rumkicks have once again been allowed to play gigs in their home country. They have also released two singles this year to date, ‘Don’t Touch My Head’ (above) and this, ‘I Don’t Wanna Die.’ And in true punk spirit, have also contributed songs to various charity compilations in Asia.

They are currently working hard towards embarking upon an Asian / China tour once the pandemic finally releases its grip on inter country travel. Reading between the lines, though, I think their BIG aim for 2022,, is to take that stage in Blackpool, England, at the iconic Rebellion Festival and play alongside many of their musical heroes. (I would hazard a guess that one of the bands they admire, is Cock Sparrer – do I detect a likeness to their ‘trademark’ song, ‘England Belongs To Me,’ in this recording? Don’t get me wrong – it’s no bad thing. I like it!)

**Actually, after posting this, I found a video of the band covering the song in a small venue somewhere back in 2019.**

Although I’ve been into Asian punk for a while, the bands I’ve enjoyed have been mainly from China and Japan: Another Idea and Hang On The Box, (China) and The Erections and Shonen Knife (Japan) are the ones that spring immediately to mind from my collection. Rumkicks are the first from Korea. I’m sure there’s a whole new punk out there for me to discover!

I find the music of Rumkicks a real ‘pick me up.’ It’s old-school, in yer face, punk; it’s fast and furious; it’s angry, but fun. I love the vibrancy of the music and colourful image.

When I go to a gig, I like to have a few beers jump around with a group of like-minded souls. If they do manage to the UK next summer, and they head up to Glasgow, then look out for the old punk with a puny mohawk, giving it laldy down in the mosh pit!


Choi Se Eun – Bass / Vocals
Jeong Yea Wong – Guitar / Vocals

Youth 18Digital Track2019N/A (Bandcamp)
BrutalityDigital EP2020N/A (Bandcamp)
Don’t Touch My HeadDigital Track2021N/A (Bandcamp)
I Don’t Wanna DieDigital Track2021N/A (Bandcamp)

2 thoughts on “rumkicks”

  1. I don’t know if you tried to see them, but they went down really well at Rebellion, and have been invited back to appear on a bigger stage next year.

    Choi Se Eun is not longer with the band. She had to leave a few months before the tour, but they were able to recruit another bass player (Dorothy) who they knew already. MJ, who used to be their drummer before, rejoined the band. I got to speak to them a bit at one gig. They are really lovely people.

    Choi Se Eun is (and was even when in Rumkicks) in another band called Dead Chant. They are much more pop-punk, which isn’t so much my thing, but they have a couple of good/funny videos.

    Yeawon is also in two other bands. One is a band called About Jane, which she was in before Rumkicks, but they don’t seem very active – just one recent MV in the last few years.
    The other is Rux, who are a much more established punk band in Korea, who’ve had multiple line-up changes over the long spell of their history.
    They were involved (before Yeawon’s time) in one of Korea’s biggest tv musical ‘scandals’ when they appeared live on tv, and two friends of the band joined them on stage and pulled down their pants and trousers, and danced about naked from the waist down live on tv, until the camera operators panned away.
    Punk bands were pretty much banned from TV as a result.

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    1. Sorry for delay in getting back! Thanks for taking time to comment. No – I haven’t seen them play but certainly would like to. I’ll go check out Dead Chant and Rux …. I’m good with a bit of old fashioned pop punk. 🙂 Cheers, Richard.


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