Heavy Rotation. It wouldn’t be too long to wait before my first gig – only another four months or so, in March 1973. But in the meantime, my Alice Cooper LP ‘Love it to Death‘) was being played to death in my bedroom. It whetted my appetite for more ‘heavy rock.’ In late 1972, however,… Continue Reading

FATHERS’ DAY JAM: Buckethead.

Different! I like ‘different.’ Buckethead is most certainly that. Not only does Brian Patrick Carroll wear an expressionless white face mask and a KFC bucket on his head during performances, he has released an unbelievable 300+ albums! To be honest, I was very sceptical when I read this in Wikipedia. I mean, that site while… Continue Reading

SATURDAY ANTHEM (15/6/19) Mungo’s Hi Fi: ‘Jump in Line Riddim.’

You wanna get the party started? Here’s Mungo’s Hi Fi. The following is lifted from Wikipedia: Mungo’s Hi Fi is a sound system based in Glasgow, Scotland which follows the original Jamaican sound system tradition. After working together previously, Tom Tattersall and Doug Paine founded the group in 2000, writing, recording, producing and performing their own brand of reggae and dub music,… Continue Reading

GIANT: ‘Catalyst.’

This is the second track released by the UK collaborative, Giant. Featuring the rapid-fire vocal delivery of rapper 24Vision and the multifaceted electronic / trip-hop band Archive, this is a five minutes long, bitter tirade, about the current state the UK finds itself in. Five minutes? Yeah – when I saw the track length, I… Continue Reading


I have to credit this month’s issue (July 2019) of Wire magazine for prompting me to include this little piece. There is absolutely no reason why I or anybody should be surprised at the fact that punk, and metal music are popular in Africa. But it seems the case that I / we, are indeed… Continue Reading