I’m sad to say, that reluctantly, I’m going to have to take a wee step back from LOUD HORIZON. I know – again! When I resurrected the blog after a three year hiatus, I allowed myself a two month period in which to assess the work involved versus the number of daily hits / visitors… Continue Reading


Heavy Rotation. It wouldn’t be too long to wait before my first gig – only another four months or so, in March 1973. But in the meantime, my Alice Cooper LP ‘Love it to Death‘) was being played to death in my bedroom. It whetted my appetite for more ‘heavy rock.’ In late 1972, however,… Continue Reading


I have to credit this month’s issue (July 2019) of Wire magazine for prompting me to include this little piece. There is absolutely no reason why I or anybody should be surprised at the fact that punk, and metal music are popular in Africa. But it seems the case that I / we, are indeed… Continue Reading


To celebrate the impending release of their ‘comeback’ album, though technically, they were never really ‘away,’ I’ve posted a couple of old videos from this tremendously under-rated band on the ARTROCK page. (If I say that BIG STICK were favourites of the much missed John Peel, that’ll convince you to check them out, yeah?)


Alice Banned. My tastes were changing. Maturing, some would say. But the kid in the 1971 me still found it tough to be weaned off the bubblegum and sugary Pop hits of the day. As a family, we’d been our first foreign holiday the previous year. To Spain, it was. And being played to death… Continue Reading