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THEATRE ROYAL: ‘Incidental Friend.’

It’s not very often that a band appears on the music scene, one hundred per cent ‘ready.’

Rochester band Theatre Royal are one .

I have been banging about them from virtually day one, and now, ahead of their fifth album release, due early next year, they have confirmed my faith with their excellent new ‘Incidental Friend‘ EP.

The four tracks will be drip-released over the next three weeks, with the title track available from today (1st November.)

Theatre Royal have never really strayed from what they do best – clear, melodic harmonies with hooky choruses and thoughtful lyrics. Their songs have the knack of immediacy, without being in your face, as such. And ‘Incidental Friend’ is no different in that regard.

Although I have said they arrived ‘one hundred percent ready,’ there has always been a natural progression, and this track shows a further maturity. It somehow feel just a little bit more polished; a little bit more relaxed in the delivery – like this is a band who appreciate their strengths and know where they want to sit in whole scheme of things. A band confident in their skin.

Look – it’s not just me. If blokes like Steve Lamaq dig them, then I need say no more.

Go check ’em out.

SERA: ‘Rabbit Hole.’

SERA is a singer-songwriter from Caernarfon in North Wales. She writes and performs in both Welsh and English and has been garnering great feedback and support from the likes of BBC Radio Wales/ Radio Cymru, S4C and Focus Wales.

However, it’s not just Welsh radio and the local Festival scene that have picked up on SERA‘s music. National airplay has followed from Radio 6 Music and Radio 2 (Chris Hawkins and Claire Balding) both of whom appreciate a good ‘crossover’ artist when they hear one.

‘Rabbit Hole’ is a journey through an addictive relationship, leading through naivety and self destruction to escape. It stays true to SERA‘s Americana / folk style but takes on some bold new ideas.The chorus explodes into ‘Come with me to incredible things, where the oysters march from the sea,’ inviting the listener into a world of the fantastic.

SERA‘s new songs will continue to follow in this theme of the mythic-surreal rooted in very real experiences.

Bands like First Aid Kit, are bringing this type of music to a wider audience, and I have to say, that with my admittedly restricted knowledge, I can hear similar type harmonies within this track. I like, too how it builds into a bit of a rocky frenzy towards the end.

As regular readers of LOUD HORIZON will know, I’m certainly no expert when it comes to Americana / Folk. In fact, I often joke (?!) that I don’t ‘do’ Folk music.

But it’s artists like SERA who are slowly but surely convincing me to get over myself!