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The sign of a good cover is when you’re able to sing along, confident in the lyrics …. but just not quite able to place the song title or original artist.

That’s exactly the case with this new release from Lauren Napier (multi talented vocalist / writer / model – aka Punk Rock Doll) and Slackers front man, Vic Ruggiero.

This five-track EP features covers of two established and popular songs – one a country classic, the other a Rolling Stones favourite. An added bonus are King Tony’s two fantastic dub interpretations of Lauren and Vic’s interpretations, if you see what I mean!

The Patsy Cline song, ‘Walkin’ After Midnight‘ is the one that threw me. The words were familiar, but the presentation was completely alien to me. Country done Reggae works marvelously well here. Lauren’s vocals are given a bit delay / echo and her haunting, dulcet pitch perfectly blends with Vic’s warm tones.

‘Dead Flowers,’ is one of those Stones‘ songs that every fan knows, but maybe is lesser known to the casual listener. I guess the original also has a bit of a Country feel to it, and again, it’s given a real infectuous and jaunty reggae backbeat.

Lauren and Vic work so well together. They play off each other so well on this and the videos I’ve seen. And as with everything I’ve heard Vic do, he sounds so relaxed in his delivery, almost casual-like, and yet there is a playfulness, a smile, behind the vocals that draws the listener in.

Yeah – another excellent one to go check out / buy!

A ‘straight’ version of ‘Walkin’ After Midnight.’ (Not the one on the EP)

REGGAE ROAST: ‘Sensi Skank Reloaded.’

A few weeks ago, I mentioned I’d pop up the video for Reaggae Roast’sSensi Skank Reloaded‘ release just as soon as the embargo had been lifted.

Well, today’s the day, and so, here it is …

There may be a few faces here that you’ll recognise. That’s all I’m saying.

Nice one!

REGGAE ROAST: ‘Sensi Skank Reloaded’ … (coming 26th July.)

Playing out of the inner borough of Hackney, London Reggae Roast have been in the vanguard of the UK reggae and soundsystem culture for many years.

They have recorded original songs with international artists including General Levy, Mr Williamz, Burro Banton, Tippa Irie, Ward 21, Earl 16 and Charlie P to name just a few., and are also the first signing to Trojan Records’ new imprint label Trojan Reloaded.

The regular events events organised by the collective are attended by thousands at a time and Reggae Roast now play regular slots at festivals all across the globe, always with a guest MC such as Kenny Knots, Charlie P or Ramon Judah.

Later this month they will release ‘Sensi Skank – Reloaded,’ (featuring Ruben da Silva.) As you may imagine, it’s a bit of an homage to weed, and re-visits Ruben’s #1 hit and giving it the Reggae Roast Soundsystem deep bass production treatment.

The video to accompany the track features a number of renowned personalities from the world of film and television – showcasing a rich tapestry of cannabis culture in cinematography. 

Unfortunately, I’ve just realised there’s an embargo on the video until July 26th …. oops!

Still – I suppose it gives me an excuse to pop up a couple of other videos for your delectation and delight.

(And if you need more of this stuff in your life, and who doesn’t, then check out their excellent website for more news, events and podcasts.)