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STRIZZY STRAUS: ‘Hieroglyfics.’

Strizzy Strauss reveals the second single ‘Hieroglyfics’ from his upcoming debut album
‘Trust The Process’ .

Hip Hop producer Sik Sense takes the helm on this one,
laying down a jazz tinted piano driven beat with punchy boom bap drum patterns. There’s
also a melodic quality to be heard in Strauss’s rhyme style, coupled with the slow-and-
steady boom bap beat and it’s a recipe for a hypnotic head-nod.

The track speaks on the adversities experienced growing up in a single parent home, around
neglected neighbourhoods and under constant pressure to be drawn into the mud. Having been “to hell, back and got the bucket hat”, Strauss describes the ever-present impetus to swerve the surrounding negative influences and move toward a higher calling.

From a purely personal perspective (and it is my blog, so it counts!) LOUD HORIZON has not in the past really embraced the Hip Hop / Rap scene, concentrating more on punk, rock, reggae etc.

But you like what you like – no boundaries and all that.

And I like this. A lot!

SANS: ‘Aztec Drips.’

Over the past few years SANS have emerged from Bristol’s more avant-garde scene as one of the more hard-edged yet versatile bands.

The SANS sound melds post punk, experimental noise and hardcore, incorporating a maelstrom of overdriven guitars, jazz drumming and heavy breakdowns.

Their forthcoming eponymous EP, being released via Breakfast Records on 22nd May is a reflection of this, as you can hear from the lead track, ‘Aztec Drips,’ below.

SHAO DOW: ‘Nani.’

This landed on my desk the other day. It’s not what LOUD HORIZON would generally be shouting about … but I love it!

Londoner, Shao Dow is an interesting guy: a professional rapper and manga author with a law degree, he also studied Shaolin Kung Fu in China.

However, it’s the former two talents that he marries in his new single, ‘Nani.’

“I’m not fluent in Japanese, I speak Crapanese at best, but still, I love the language. It’s been a lot of fun teaching myself and then watching anime trying to understand what’s being said without the subtitles. With Nani 何 I wanted to challenge myself and push my lyricism to the next level by mixing English and Japanese into one song, make it rhyme and still have it all make sense. I feel like I hit that balance, Nani means What? in Japanese or What!! or What the fuck?! depending on context. Any true anime watcher will know exactly what I mean. But for those of you who don’t speak and understand Japanese (I assume that’s like 4 of you), I’ve also included subtitles on the music video. It’s a visual homage to anime and captures the energy of the track in a pretty cool way”

Shao Dow is rapidly becoming recognised as a unique and eloquent voice within the UK Music industry, having been invited into Parliament to speak on behalf of grassroots music venues across the country.

Having opened for the likes of Ghetts, Stormzy, Skepta and KRS-One, hs star is on the rise.

I’m sure we’re going to be hearing a lot more of Shao Dow.

BECKY NINKOVIC: ‘The Carrier.’

I know LOUD HORIZON is officially on the back burner (see posts yesterday) but THIS popped up on Facebook today.

Becky is an old friend from Vancouver who would stay over at my house with her bandmates YOU SAY PARTY! (YSP! WSD!) whenever they were touring UK.

This is so different from the music they produced back in the day – how could I not possibly share it?