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JADE JACKSON: ‘Bottle It Up.’

Some friends and regular visitors to this blog may find it surprising that I would choose to feature Country music. What? Me? Me with the mohawk and a punk music collection of hundreds?


Back in my teens I bought several albums by Emmylou Harris and Linda Ronstadt. Granted, that may have initially been because I had a crush on them, but continuous plays of those records instilled in me a latent liking for Country music.

And I’m not the only punk to get into the Country vibe – the new album, ‘Wilderness’ by the rising star of the scene, Jade Jackson, was produced by Mike Ness of Social Distortion fame.

I’m no massive expert though so it’s not for me to comment by way of any lazy comparisons. What I will say is that her voice has a delicate rasp, which can be turned to the more soulful and slower tracks, but excels in the more upbeat numbers.

It’s the latter style that appeals more to me. (That won’t surprise you when you look around this blog.)

The opening track, featured in the video above, is probably my favourite, although, ‘Don’t Say You Love Me,’ is another catchy foot-tapper. And ‘Mulitple Choice,’ while slower has a lovely warm feel and hook to it.

‘Long Way Home,‘ has a real anthemic feel to it – one that would have the hand-held phone torch lights swaying in a stadium gig. Title track ‘Wilderness‘ is “this in-between area I’m in right now as a musician,” says Jade, referring to all the unknown and unexpected aspects of touring and setting out in the music business. It’s another of the upbeat tracks, with lovely, harmonies.

This is Jade’s second album – the one reputed to be the hardest to crack, according to many, many artists and bands before her. But I reckon she has it sussed. I’ll not be first to have said this, but I think Country music has found itself a new star.


‘Screams From The Suburbs,’ is the brand new EP from Adrenaline Animals, a three piece Punk Rock band from London. They have supported the likes of Pretty Vicious, Hoosiers and Trampolene and have also played shows in Germany and France.

Their new five-track EP, ‘Screams From the Suburbs,’ was released this week, two of which are featured here. As you can see / hear, the lads are full of energy and their music is punchy and aggressive – just the way punk was always intended.

I may get shot down in flames, but I sense a feel of Oasis on steroids – the attitude, the occasional sneer and apparent ‘couldn’t give a toss,’ attitude.

Whatever, it’s mighty fine, and I’m sure the live shows will be even better.

SNACK VILLAIN: Vision Vortex

The new five-track EP from Glasgow based SNACK VILLAIN is a curious and enticing composite of urban grooves, drum ‘n’ bass (‘God’s Basement‘) and downbeat funk, (‘Vision Vortex”) swaying ‘indie,’ (‘Friendship (Oh Ya!) and bigbeat (‘Death Disco (I Wanna Go.)

It’s the first track,, ‘Tick,Tick, Tick‘ that drew me in though. It has a bit of a retro Underworld feel to it with dark baselines supporting the drum ‘n’bass beats and spoken vocals. More though, shades of nu jazz poke through with the more laid back saxophone contrasting the busy bottom line.