(The following article was written for ARTROCKER MAGAZINE issue #115, November 2011)

The band name says it all really. But if further reinforcement were required, then merely look at the song titles on their debut EP: ‘To Those Lives Lost;’ ‘Seconds Out;’ ‘Bite The Bullet;’ Trouble Finds Me.’ The EP cover even carries a Coat of Arms with the inscription ‘Fortius Quo Fidelius,’ which if my Latin O Level taught me anything means ‘Strength Through Loyalty.’

Yup – you got it! Impact are indeed a Hardcore band.

“Yeah,” laughs drummer Rory Bocock “I think all the imagery we use is set in that Hardcore scene and that’s because it’s what we grew up with and what our main influences are. But at the same time we don’t want to come across as a carbon copy Hardcore band, especially if we’re chatting with people at shows and the like. We’re really quite a jovial bunch and pretty accessible as people!”

The term ‘Hardcore’ can be easily dismissed, even ‘feared’ by some but Rory is at pains to explain that the aim is to make Impact’s music more accessible as well.

“Of course we want to make hard and heavy music, but we also want it to reach out to people who are into metal, into punk, hardcore – even people who don’t predominantly listen to heavy music. We all have different influences and so we try to fuse elements from different styles. There’s obviously a lot of Hardcore, mixed with some Metal, but we try to go for ‘grooves’ and melody rather than just make it as brutally heavy as possible.”

Impact grew out of the skating scene that was (and apparently still is) prevalent in St Neots, Cambridgeshire about ten years ago. There have been a few personnel changes along the way, but Rory himself joined the two remaining original guitarists Mike (son of Deep Purple keyboard player Don Airey) and Crandall some seven years ago. Vocalist Ian and bass player Kev complete the current line-up which has been together now for two years.

A renewed vigour and enthusiasm has seen Impact take matters a lot more seriously of late and an album release is planned for early next year. Meantime, they continue with the gigging (in July they made their first foray into mainland Europe with gigs in Belgium) and spreading the word for the UK Hardcore scene.

Some bands give you more than it says on the tin!


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