(The following article was written for ARTROCKER MAGAZINE, issue #126, December 2012 / January 2013)


THE DEADLINE SHAKES - New Blood - 200Even in the days before the word ‘austerity’ was added to the English lexicon, it was difficult enough for young aspiring bands to book gigs that paid anything more than a complimentary crate of beer left for them in their grotty changing room.

So when The Deadline Shakes were offered cash to actually stop playing one evening, the only question to be answered was, ‘how much?’

“We were rehearsing in an old warehouse that contains several units and there was a TV commercial being filmed next to us. The producer obviously required silence and so, one hundred pounds better off, we happily packed up early and left,” explains guitarist Ian McKinstry.

The un-named producer is on his own: everyone else it would seem, is clamouring to hear more of The Deadline Shakes: Radio Scotland’s Vic Galloway recently touted them as one of his ‘Breakout Bands; The List magazine, as well as numerous blogs, gave a glowing review of their debut single ‘Sweeten The Deal,’ which has also received airplay from Radio6 Music’s Steve Lamaq.

And yet the group have played surprisingly few shows.

“Not so much with the band’s current line-up, no,” mentions Ian, “but Greg, myself and Martin have known each other from school and we played a bunch of shows in 2009 / 2010 – same name, but different songs and different ideas.”

“Tom later joined us on drums and I guess we became more focussed on direction, with the music more now a sort of ‘poppy rock,” suggests vocalist Greg. “We aim for a good melody and song structure – something you’d like to hear on the radio; but something that can’t be dance-tracked like the stuff you hear all the time right now. We’d like to get back to, well  …..’proper’ songs!”

 ‘Sweeten The Deal’ certainly typifies the band’s sound and as with all their songs, has that infectious and peculiar ‘earworm’ quality.

Now signed with the burgeoning Flowers in the Dustbin label, their debut album ready for recording in the New Year, and the hype growing almost daily, The Deadline Shakes can expect plenty of offers to come their way in the next few months …. but perhaps not quite in such novel fashion as that night at rehearsal.

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