(The following article was written for ARTROCKER MAGAZINE, issue # 123, September 2012)

Alex Pollock has been producing music under the moniker of The Ocular Audio Experiment since 2010, although his eponymous debut album was recorded some four years earlier.

“I kept that one to myself for a couple of years and it was only after the second album ‘Spectro-Sonic Cosmic Gaze,’ that I thought ‘I kinda like this,’ and made it available.’

That year was a particularly prolific year for Alex and his music. The ‘experimental’ ‘Spectro-Sonic Cosmic Gaze’ was ‘released’ in the early summer, closely followed by the ‘Mesmeria’ project which consisted of two tracks, one some twenty-three minutes long, the other being a ‘mirror,’ speeded-up version but played backwards!

Coinciding with that was the brilliant, ‘FriendlyPsychicStrangersChurch,’ the psych follow-up to the self-titled initial long-player.

Having dabbled with the ‘experimental’ genre, Alex seems to have settled more into a ‘psych’ groove, and especially so with his latest project, ‘The Witch’s Whispering Tomes,’ which is released as a double-album featuring the same twelve songs, but in two differing styles. Part One is a heavy, darkly droning and heady mix of psychedelic influences that clocks in at a mammoth hour and a half! The second part is “ .. something of a doomed, satanic, Looney Tunes wagon ride into hell,” explains Alex.

So far The Ocular Audio Experiment haven’t played too many live dates.

“Part of the reason for wanting to write this album was to produce something that could be learnt by other musicians so we could play more ‘live.’ We’ve done ‘Porchfest’ the past couple of years, however. This is an event here in my local town of Somerville, Massachusetts where anyone whose house has a porch can apply to play a gig on it! We had decent crowds show up for what is quite a unique event.”

The reaction to the psych recordings, especially the latest ‘Whispering Tomes’ project, is most encouraging.

“The music blogs that supported the release have seen a huge surge in interest. The more that’s written about it, the more downloads are recorded and the more ‘dollar’ is donated through my webpage!”

Eventually I’d like to be able to release on vinyl, but right now it’s important for me just to give the music to as many people as possible so they can share it and pass it around or whatever.”

(Mind, the weight of vinyl required to carry the two and a half hours plus of ‘The Witch’s Whispering Tomes’ could make it a Health & Safety issue!)

(All five recordings by The Ocular Audio Experiment are available as free downloads – donations welcome! – from The Findings Of The Other Eye.)


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