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DEAD SKELETONS: ‘Odaudleg Ord.’

Taken from the Limited Edition vinyl album ‘Oro,’ this is just the ‘dog’s …!’ It really doesn’t require any further explanation – DEAD SKELETONS rule, OK?!

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YA HO WHA 13& SKY SAXON: ‘Golden Sunrise.’

While still on a psychedelic and experimental tip, here’s a band I discovered for the first time myself just yesterday when The Dead Skeletons posted this video on their Facebook page. Those Skeleton guys make some awesome music and are … Continue reading

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Finally!! It’s been four months since I placed an order for the vinyl format of DEAD SKELETONS‘ ‘Dead Magick‘ album …… and it arrived today! I want to share my joy with someone. Anyone. Heck …. Everyone!!! (It’s a feeble … Continue reading

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Video Section – Current – DEAD SKELETONS

Every morning for the past three weeks, I have rushed downstairs like an excited kid at Christmas to see if the postman has delivered my vinyl copy of the new album (‘Dead Magick’) by Icelandic band DEAD SKELETONS. Alas (when did … Continue reading

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