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YIN YIN: ‘The Rabbit That Hunts Tigers.’

“We never had the intention to start a band,” says Yīn Yīn’s Yves Lennertz.  “Our idea was to just release a tape cassette for our friends.”

However, when you land on something as distinct as Yīn Yīn’s sound, it soon becomes an inevitability that more ears are going to be pricked.

The project began life in 2016 with Lennertz teaming up with Kees
Berkers. What was an experimental jam session soon became something more as the Maastricht-based pair were joined by Remy Scheren on bass and Robbert Verwijlen on keys.

I love the mix of musical cultures on this album. The base psyche sounds incorporate distinct Southeast Asia influences, combining at times with the twang of ‘spaghetti western’ soundtracks, at others, with generic funk and disco. Traces of North African Tuareg music also poke through.

The digital version, and some (now sold out) limited edition, coloured vinyl copies of the band’s debut album, ‘The Rabbit That Hunts Tigers,’ has been available via Bandcamp for a few months. But no worries, come April 20th 2020, the excellent Bongo Joe label will see that the album is more widely available, with a general release.

It’s most definitely worth checking out.