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EGOMASINA: ‘Spastai.’

This’ll be quick!

I know next to nothing about EGOMASINA, other than that they come from Lithuania (Vilnius) and are soon to release their second album, in both vinyl and digital formats.

‘Spastai‘ follows on from ‘id‘ which was released in May of last year, and although it may be a little presumptive to judge from just the two tracks that have so far been released (see video below) it would seem the trio of Karolis, (guitar / vocals) Tomas (bass / vocals) and Antanas (synths / drums) have worked on the depth of their sound.

To an extent, I’d say their earlier album release reflected the sounds of, for example, The Fall and Joy Division. I think it’s the driving bass that does it.

Spastai‘ has built on that, but factored in a sound more akin to the motorik noise of Krautrock innovators Neu! – with a added heavier and rockier punch.

In fact, if pushed, I’d say EGOMASINA remind me a little of Berlin ‘krautrock guerillas,’ Camera.

And that’s a good thing!

(‘Spastai,’ is released on 1st July, an can be pre-ordered via Bandcamp right now. )