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FATHERS’ DAY JAM: Buckethead.

Different! I like ‘different.’

Buckethead is most certainly that. Not only does Brian Patrick Carroll wear an expressionless white face mask and a KFC bucket on his head during performances, he has released an unbelievable 300+ albums!

To be honest, I was very sceptical when I read this in Wikipedia. I mean, that site while generally providing some great facts, has been hijacked by some wind-up merchants in the past. But the entries on Discogs would seem to bear this out.

So – I’m having a lazy day today – it’s a Sunday AND it’s Fathers’Day. I plan to totally veg out and watch some cricket then minor league baseball in the evening … and drink lots of beer.

You have the links. You have the jam (above.) You’re on your own!

Normal service will be resumed tomorrow.