ALLAH LAS: ‘In The Air.’

Los Angeles psyche-pop band, Allah Las are set to release their fourth album, ‘LAHS,‘ this autumn (October 11th) with ‘In The Air,’preceding it as a taster. The album sees the band drawing from their years of touring the world, and experiences of recording three prior LPs. Their development as songwriters and producers is quite evident,… Continue Reading

REGGAE ROAST: ‘Sensi Skank Reloaded.’

A few weeks ago, I mentioned I’d pop up the video for Reaggae Roast’s ‘Sensi Skank Reloaded‘ release just as soon as the embargo had been lifted. Well, today’s the day, and so, here it is … There may be a few faces here that you’ll recognise. That’s all I’m saying. Nice one!


I found, and bought, this when skipping through Bandcamp. Explosive and sounding slightly unhinged punk from New York. Other than featuring members of Mommy, Hank Wood, LOTION, and Pharmkon. I know nothing about Dollhouse. This demo was just released at the end of June there, so hopefully there is more to come soon.