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STONEGRASS: ‘Stonegrass.’

You know what? I actually know very little about the band STONEGRASS, or indeed this, I believe, their debut eponymous album.

See, I was skipping through Bandcamp again today and stumbled upon the pre-order page. Mention was made of ‘psychedelic,’ and ‘acid’ and ‘big bold psyche jams.’ And I guess that’s the importance of keywords, right there kids!

I was hooked and reeled in pretty quickly!

From what I can make out, STONEGRASS are essentially a duo from Toronto, Canada. Comprising bass / guitarist Matthew ‘Doc’ Dunn and drummer Jay Anderson, they hooked up again after previously working together on their Spiritual Sky Blues Band project.

As I write, having just bought the album on pre-order, only two tracks of the seven have been made available:
Tea,’ is a thirteen minute long , stoner guitar wig-out; lots of wah-wah underpinned by a prominent bass line and crashing cymbals and drums. This was composed to be played LOUD, that’s for sure.

‘Frozen Dunes‘ to me has more of a desert rock feel to it. It’s certainly more laid back and dreamy / spaced out in its delivery. Jay’s rolling toms and bongos (says the writer with absolutely no musical experience!) lead the track through its seven minute duration, while effects-laden guitars cry and drift over the top.

I don’t think I’d be a million miles away in saying this track reminds me a bit of early Sleepy Sun, from back in the day.

Whatever – these two tracks on their own are well worth shelling out for, and with the other five being made available on release day, 22nd May, what’s not to like?

(The album will also have a limited edition – 300 – vinyl run. If the costs of importing from Canada to Scotland was not so prohibitive, I’d be right in there myself.)

FATHERS’ DAY JAM: Buckethead.

Different! I like ‘different.’

Buckethead is most certainly that. Not only does Brian Patrick Carroll wear an expressionless white face mask and a KFC bucket on his head during performances, he has released an unbelievable 300+ albums!

To be honest, I was very sceptical when I read this in Wikipedia. I mean, that site while generally providing some great facts, has been hijacked by some wind-up merchants in the past. But the entries on Discogs would seem to bear this out.

So – I’m having a lazy day today – it’s a Sunday AND it’s Fathers’Day. I plan to totally veg out and watch some cricket then minor league baseball in the evening … and drink lots of beer.

You have the links. You have the jam (above.) You’re on your own!

Normal service will be resumed tomorrow.


HIBUSHIBIRE: ‘Turn On, Tune In, Freak Out!’

This is why the blog you are reading was given the name LOUD HORIZON!

As you know, we have been been on a bit of a hiatus these past few years, and I must concede to missing out on this band from Osaka, Japan.
My record collection has many many releases from Japanese bands / artists, and Hibushibire‘s new release, due out imminently on the wonderful Riot Season label ( limited neon orange vinyl version / standard black vinyl version) will soon also be gracing the creaking shelves.