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MAJESTY: ‘Legends.’

‘Legends‘ is the ninth studio album from German ‘True Metal’ band, Majesty and comes two years after their last LP, ‘Rebels.

I’m not sure whether you’d actually class this as a ‘concept’ album as such, but it does seem to follow a storyline. From the opening, spoken-word track, ‘The Will to Believe,‘ you are placed “…after the war, when all the cities were burning.” The narrator, in a bit of a ‘War of the Worlds’ fashion it has to be said, calls to any rebel that are listening to rise as one, to create a new era; to become Legends.

Thrust into a post-apocalyptic landscape, you are immediately hit with a rapidly advancing after-blast of furiously rolling drums, buzzing, choppy guitar riffs and the anthemic vocals of ‘Rizing Home.’

‘Burn the Bridges’ is more synth-led, I’d say, though, don’t worry, the searing guitar solo still appears about the half way point. And I tell you, if you ain’t fist pumping and roaring the words of the chorus by this point, then you better have your pulse checked. You my just be dead.
(In fact …. here! I just found this.)

The pace slows considerably for ‘We Are Legends,’ but the drums are still pounding a deliberate beat and the vocals are strong and proud. You can just imagine, given what’s gone before, the ‘rebels’ holding their heads high as they walk through the destruction and mayhem that surrounds them.

Wasteland Outlaw‘ follows below.

Church of Glory‘ is very dramatic and I sense a bit of Balkan influence in the verses. It’s very inventive, whatever. There’s definitely a lovely clash of musical cultures coming through, but all with the distinctive Euro Metal sound backing it all up.

The next track, certainly by comparison with what’s gone before, I think lacks that bit of ‘oomph’ that is so prevalent in the six that precede it. It’s hard to say what ‘Mavericks Supreme‘ lacks exactly – it’s still a good track, but maybe it’s more one-paced. It’s missing the intensity of the other tracks, I think. It’s not one you’d necessarily skip over, but …. yeah, ok.

When the opening bars of the piano introduced ‘Words of Silence,‘ I thought I was going to get a version of ‘Let it Be.‘ But thankfully not. Instead, I got a beautiful sing-a-long ballad that would have worked even just with the basic piano accompaniment, but builds into a glorious, controlled, crashing crescendo which truly shows the versatility of Majesty. Love it!

‘Last Brigade‘ brings back the fury, with a vengeance! And after a brief, fifty second, mid-song gentle interlude, we are treated to perhaps Emanuel Knorr’s most exciting guitar solo on the album. Though they’re all pretty fine, I have to say.

The deep, not growled but still threatening group vocals bring a more sinister feel to the penultimate track, ‘Blood of The Titans,’ before the album closes with the chugging riffs of ‘Stand As One.‘ (Spoiler Alert! This sounds like a song of triumph to me!)

Throughout, Tarek Maghary’s vocals are powerful and dramatic, the guitar solos, frantic and searing. The drums and basslines push, shove and cajole all the tracks along at breakneck speed and the occasional prominence of keyboards / synth dance in amongst the whole wonderful cacophony.

This is one heck of an album. Established fans will love it, I’m sure. And I’m confident that new fans will also be found. Like me, for example.

It’s an exhausting listen – fast and furious and loud. Just like Rock ‘n’ Roll should be.

Maybe just one more play before bed.

(‘Legends’ is released through Naplam Records on 28th June 2019)