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District Motion are a four–piece rock / pop outfit from Lincolnshire. They came into formal being around 2009 and have to date released twenty-five ‘singles’ and received the backing of BBC Introducing.

Their music styles are varied. Like the new single to be released at the end of June, ‘Faded Away,’ is a slow burning, indie anthem. I can just see the phone torches sparkling for as far as the eye can see, slowly waving to and fro in time with the music as the Festival crowd join in the chorus!

I know it’s irritating for bands to read comparisons, but it’s what we bloggers do – for this track, which I’ll add when it becomes available,, I get a sense of Embrace mixed with one of my long time favourites, Theatre Royal.

District Motion have in earlier interviews counted Coldplay as one of their influences, and I can see that being the case based on this track. However, they also quote a former chippy server from my neck of the woods as another who inspired them. I’ll be honest, much as I like him, I’d never before heard a band say they were inspired by Paulo Nutini.

Then I came across this video made by the band from October 2018. This has Paulo Nutini written all over it – and I love it!

The band may not thank me for this, but just to illustrate my point at the start of this piece, here’s another couple of videos from a few years back showing more of a punk / rock sensibility.

I do hope they have kept all these songs in their live repertoire. But even if they haven’t it’s an excellent audio / visual record of a band’s musical development.