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BLACK TO COMM: ‘Eden-Olympia.’

Black To Comm, the solo project of German producer and sound artist Marc Richter, is to release a new album on 12th July, entitled ‘Before After.’

It was written at the same sessions that gave the world the magnificent ‘Seven Horses For Seven Kings,’ album and is intended as:

‘… its companion piece, mining similar raw sonic materials to yield radically different results. Where ‘Seven Horses’ was a visceral work focused on anger and desperation, ‘Before After‘ finds faint glimmers of hope in the same sources. It charts a hallucinogenic journey through polar extremes of emotion and to the outer reaches of sound, perfectly completing the darker ‘Seven Horses‘ while vastly expanding on its vision.

Alongside the album, which will be released as a limited-edition 12″ on opalescent white vinyl, Max has made available the dense electronic single, ‘Eden-Olympia,’ which you can hear below.

Both album and single are released through the excellent Thrill Jockey Records.