After an extended hiatus, original UK tape underground duo Storm Bugs – Philip Sanderson and Steven Ball – reconvened to release new material in 2002, and have been active across music and the visual arts ever since.

The pair now record both together and solo, and released the brand new Storm Bugs album ‘Certified Original And Vintage Fakes’ in 2017 via Sanderson’s ongoing label Snatch Tapes.

According to Sanderson, “Pebble Dot Dash combines flâneur footage with shortwave radio recordings. The camera takes a series of walks on and off the beaten track around the coastal town of Hastings. Time slips elliptically by as movements there and back are merged electronically; the train arriving whilst departing, the tide going in as it goes out, a man shadowing his own footsteps. The moving images are married with shortwave transmissions from across the globe, captured during filming. These broadcasts from China, Pakistan, Russia, the US and elsewhere reflect contemporary neo-liberal anxieties; deals and scams, the financing of the second coming, aspiration and desire. Sound and image mesh asynchronously, global audio relocating the here to there.”

(Reproduced from WIRE magazine, 19th March 2018)