Old School Hip Hop

I loved how the ‘old school’ Hip Hop as it is now known, didn’t take itself so seriously.

It’s unfortunate I couldn’t find an official music video for this track. But I couldn’t possibly consider hosting a page for Old School Hip Hop without including Derek B.

The album from which this is taken, ‘Bullet From A Gun’ was my constant companion on the weekly drives between Manchester and Glasgow when I moved back up to Scotland at the start of 1989. I had the album on cassette format – still do, and it still plays with a little coaxing, and although I had my favourites, like this track, there was need to hit the Forward Wind button. Remember them?

At a time when hip hop radio-play in the UK was dominated by acts from the USA, it was so exciting to see one of our own break through. And in fact, Derek was, if I recall correctly, the first UK rapper to appear on Top of the Pops.