Punk & Oi!

While writing for Artrocker magazine back in the day, I had the immense honour of doing an interview piece with Poly Styrene. It was only a couple of weeks before she passed away, and she was very ill at the time. In fact, she was in a hospice and had a nurse by her throughout our chat.

I was conscious of her pain and discomfort, so had scheduled just a quick 10 – 15 minute interview. But Poly was insistent we talk at length about her life and music.

She was absolutely delightful, and the ‘interview’ became more of a ‘chat,’ and before I knew it, my planned 10 – 15 minutes had turned into forty-five.

I still have that chat on my voice recorder, some eight years later – I’ve just never had the heart to scrub it.

Originally a bit of a side project for Rancid guitarist / vocalist, Lars Frederiksen back in 2010, The Old Firm Casuals are still bouncing around the gig circuit in both USA and Europe.

The first time I saw them play (I’ve seen them three, maybe four times) it was at The Cathouse in Glasgow, on the band’s first UK tour. I was one of perhaps only fifty punks and skins who turned up that night.

Since then, of course, word has spread of The Old Firm Casuals’ boisterous live set, so you’ll need to move fast for tickets when these guys hit your town.