We all have our personal ‘golden era’ of music; the years that produced our ‘go to’ playlists of today. The music that brings back so many memories.

For me, the decades of the ’60s and ’70s are so very special. The variety and diversification of sounds from 1960 to 1980 is staggering. Most of it was to my liking, though some, it has to be said, was total pants. (By process of elimination from reading other pages on this blog, you should be able to deduce the genres I’m referring to.)

I hope this blog finds interest in some readers, of course, but it was initially set up for my own amusement and as a means of further investigating the stories behind the bands that form a huge part of my record collection.

I realise writing a blog about bands that, in general, didn’t attract mainstream interest fifty or sixty years ago, is not exactly the best model to follow if the aim is to create a popular blog, and so I’m not holding my breath for mega hits!

But, should you find you enjoy the music featured here, then please share the blog posts far and wide – even if it is on the late side, these bands all deserve some love and recognition.

So welcome! Come on in! Let’s celebrate and comment on the UNDERPLAYED, the UNDERPAID and the UNDERRATED bands of the ’60s and ’70s with LOUD HORIZON.

CEEJAY – Loud Horizon

Reviews & Comment: Punk,, Psychedelic, Psych, Rock, Reggae, 60s Garage, Mod, Blues & Freakbeat.