SOUND OF GUNS: ‘Sometimes.’

SOUND OF GUNS - 200I just heard this track playing quietly as the ‘bed’ to an item on the BBC’s ‘One Show.’ Looking back through LOUD HORIZON, I noticed I rated it one of my three favourite releases of the year …… 2012!!

(The band’s show at King Tuts in Glasgow was also one of my favourites that year.)

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ARTBREAK: New track available 9th December

artbreakNew darlings of the South London circuit, ARTRBREAK, are to release a new track, ‘Polaroid in Paris,’ on December 9th. I make it this will be the band’s sixth free-to-download track, and every one a gem.

Mind, I guess it’s not surprising I think this way – the band feature several members of the now defunct Savage Nomads, a band that Loud Horizon went ‘big’ on from as far back as 2011.

Artbreak write and record their music, create their videos and draw up their artwork from their South London base in Brixton. All their music is available on Spotify and free to download on Soundcloud.

The band, who don’t believe in LPs or EPs, release a single every few weeks with five available so far via Soundcloud. Artbreak formed the day after Brexit was announced and view 2016 is a game of two halves “when the chips are down socially then the stakes have to be raised artistically” says vocalist Cole Salewicz. In line with his vision, the band’s music is varied, concrete and always original.

‘Polaroids in Paris‘ captures a lost weekend en Francais, a love story and an ode to jangly indie anthems that have shaped so many relationships and memories. What better city to capture the novelty of a new romance?

November sees them headlining their biggest show to date at Birthdays in Dalston for Scruff of The Neck Records. They will also be playing a gig for #fightback at Brixton Windmill.

You can catch the band ‘live’ at the following venues in the upcoming weeks:

Saturday 26th November @ Birthdays, London.

Friday 16th December @ Nambucca, London (with October rift & others.)

Meantime, here’s the video for the last release, ‘Izzy Bee.’

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Imp of Perverse / Psychic Wave

Imp of Perverse
I just love how the music business spawns relationships that develop into little communities, that in turn often end up rather incestuous, with further relationships farming out from the original.

Take Sean Lochridge for instance. He’s currently based in Austin, Texas, and is primarily a drummer for psych / rock band, The Halfways. For fun, he also works on his side project, Imp of Perverse on which he  plays all instruments and produced the following video.

“The Disney images were unintentional, I just wanted to make a music video and wanted a warped VHS loop as a backdrop, it just happened to be of a Disney movie so I’m hoping it’ll be OK,” states Sean, pleading his case.

Psychic WaveThen there’s his pal, Andrew Sanyshyn, who is based in California and produces similar feeling, psych drenched music under the name Psychic Wave.
“He had sent me a track and I liked his songs,” says Sean,  “but I noticed they all used drum loops so I asked if he’d be interested in collaborating and having me add drums to some songs.”

Long distance relationship established, the two worked together for some months and eventually decided to release a six track, split EP, on which both  ‘Sparklehorse Gordon’ and ‘Melt Me (Like a Sunbeam)’ are included.

Some Weird Sin RecordsEnter Travis Phillips, another of Sean’s friends, this time based in Harris County, Texas. Travis runs the excellent Some Weird Sin Records and agreed to release Sean and Andrew’s joint effort. This should be available in the next month or so, I believe.

And so the circle is complete.

(If you have  minute or two, I’d  thoroughly recommend checking out some of the Limited Releases (most on cassette) from Some Weird Sin Records.)

(And, can I suggest a front-runner for the Band/Artist title of the Year? ‘Annie the Clumsy.’ Beat that.)

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THE OCULAR AUDIO EXPERIMENT - Laughing DreamsAlmost four years ago, I picked up on a band from the Boston area (Somerville, MA, to be precise) who were producing a hypnotic and doom-laden brand of psych music. I say ‘band’ but at that time THE OCULAR AUDIO EXPERIMENT was really just Alex Pollock experimenting with the sound. In his bedroom.

That year, 2012 was a prolific year for Alex, with the release of ‘The Witch’s Whispering Tomes,‘ (parts 1 & 2 of the ‘double album,’ were released about a month apart) followed at the year end by another album, ‘Ghoul. ‘

By now, Alex had a performing band around him and live shows followed, which resulted in some excellent feedback. (That’s verbal feedback. Not the guitar.)

And then, just when it looked like some momentum had been built – nothing. All went quiet.

Alex takes up the story:

“I’ve kept myself busy since the band’s multi-release year of 2012. It’s been a bit long coming, but the results are starting to bubble up; “Alive” is the band’s first single off the new LP, Laughing Dreams, which was self-released in late February, 2016.In keeping with the DIY approach, it was produced, performed, recorded, mixed and mastered by myself, in three bedrooms and a closet.”

” I’d describe Laughing Dreams as a nine song love-letter experiment to conventional psychedelic rock, folk, doom and pop. It draws upon and aspires towards the blending of influences such as The Brian Jonestown Massacre, The Velvet Underground, High On Fire, Black Angels, Spacemen 3, Mercury Rev, BRMC, Cave In, The Warlocks, Echo & The Bunnymen and a long roster of others. Those are all groups and individuals who have, for whatever reason, inspired me to try and give the best of myself toward what I like about music. I just wanted to pay tribute to that spirit and try to do something great without being anybody special or extraordinary.”

Alex seems keen to play it all down, which is a rather refreshing trait in the music business. Sure, this type of music is ‘niche,’ and won’t appeal to everyone. But ‘Laughing Dreams,’ is in my opinion, the band’s most accessible release to date. I hear a bit more ‘folk’ influences drifting in and out these tracks, and less of the ‘doom.’ It’s definitely lighter overall than previous recordings.

If you’re into psych or drone music, or just like ‘underground’ or ‘outsider’ music in general …. then spread the word.

Good to have you back, Alex!

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LIINES: ‘Blackout.’

LINESNot that they really need much of a leg-up from likes of LOUD HORIZON, but Manchester three-piece LIINES sent us notice of their latest video, to accompany the track, ‘Blackout.’

With Loud Horizon being on a bit of a hiatus for the past year or so, this band had escaped us. But thankfully, some of the more established names of the ‘new music’ scene have been more attentive.  With the likes of Louder Than War; BBC 6Music; Radio X and The Quietus all on their side, then you’d be daft not to consider the band a s likely contenders  for the various year-end polls (which seem to be produced earlier and earlier every year for some reason.)

So here it is – ‘Blackout’ – a gloriously dark, sub three-minute rampage through everything from old school punk to that indeterminate term, post punk. With vocals that seem to meld Poly Styrene with Andrea Zollo of Pretty Girls Make Graves, and a brooding bassline overlaid with a buzzing guitar, the formula’s just about perfect.

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THEATRE ROYAL: ‘Standing In The Land.’

Photo courtesy of Man in the Attic Photography

Photo courtesy of Man in the Attic Photography

Long time LOUD HORIZON favourites, THEATRE ROYAL are nearing completion of their fourth album, wit just some final tweaking to be completed in Ranscombe studios on April 17th.

An album title has been provisionally assigned, though still top secret it would seem, and ideas for the artwork are coming to fruition.

” It seems like this album has been a long-time in the making but we’ve actually spent only a short time in the studio. It’s just been a fragmented process due to getting funds together etc…The joys of amateurism!” says vocalist Oliver Burgess.

Meantime, the lads have released a new track, inspired by the current refugee crisis, through their Bandcamp page. ‘Standing In The Land,’ is a poignant, acoustic track with an instant hook, the profits from which will be donated to the  Doctors Without Borders/ Médecins Sans Frontières charity.

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PEYOTE COYOTE: ‘Peyote Coyote EP’


PEYOTE COYOTE are a psychedelic indie rock trio from Pompano Beach, Florida.

Guitarist and vocalist Ryan Huseman, bassist Jake Stuart and drummer Cari Gee met at Florida Atlantic University as music students in 2012. After collaborating on many different projects together, the three formed Peyote Coyote in late 2014. With each member bringing their own set of influences to the group, the band have created their own brand of psychedelic rock that’s characterized by hypnotic grooves, catchy riffs and vocal harmonies.

I haven’t asked, but I’m guessing if I were to, Peyote Coyote would count the likes of Black Angels, possibly early Sleepy Sun and even Oasis amongst their favourite bands.

Yes – I said Oasis. Perhaps not your most obvious reference point when talking about psych / modern psychedelic bands, but think on: what band they openly credit for influence?

There must be millions of bands out there, all striving for that little bit of originality. But with so much gone before and a finite number of musical notes, it’s inevitable that comparisons will be made. Especially on this site!

I wouldn’t say Peyote Coyote actually sound specifically like those bands mentioned, but  like a good wine, the traces are noticeable.

Where they score over a plethora of other psych bands, I think, is the blend of almost classic-styled rock with their psych-fused drones and harmonies.

For instance, and particularly so, with the opening song on this five-track, eponymous EP.
‘Evil Things,’ has a harder edge to it than many Black Angels numbers. And check the pounding drums. This is one song simply demanding to be listened to. Without knowing of the band previously, I was genuinely excited when I first watched this on You Tube.

Follow Through,’ for me reflects a little Oasis. The vocals are not so much snarled as Liam’s would be, but they have that sort of cocky assurance he portrayed, while the guitar soars above the throbbing bass line. This one could equally be ‘single’ material – if such a thing even exists these days.

‘Finding My Way,’ drops in pace, but not intensity. The balance, as with all the songs here, between vocals and guitar riffs versus solo, works really well and maintains the listener’s attention throughout. The harmonies, I presume, with drummer Cari work really well. This one has an almost anthemic feel to it, and for my money, could easily be extended by a few minutes with a couple more big guitar ‘wig-outs.’

I’ll be honest, while I still enjoyed ‘Desert,’ it seems to be lacking that little extra bit of ‘oomph’ that the other track have. For me, it’s a mid-set, recuperation period for the punters in the front row at a Peyote Coyote gig. Something to allow everyone a few minutes to gather themselves for the second half onslaught. I’m not knocking it – it just has a lot to live up to. But I’d be interested to know if this remains in the band’s set list once they have built up a more extensive back catalogue.

The final track is the more downbeat ‘Another Song.’ Now this is better. Back on track, guys! It does remind me of the slow burning Psychic Ills or Sleepy Sun – but that’s a good thing, believe me.

Peyote Coyote - blurred

This EP, their debut, is set to be released in April 2016 through their music collective, The Infinite Channel, with a performance at Mandala Music Festival and a regional tour to follow.

For more info, visit

(As I gradually begin to revamp LOUD HORIZON, I’m going to instigate a star ranking with the highest mark being seven. l like to be different.)

So – Peyote Coyote’s debut offering? Simply because I don’t feel I can go ‘max’ on the first review of the ‘new’ blog  – as still excellent (6/7)

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